Hitchhiking is a cheap way to travel. It can be as fast as if you have your own car, but you might also need to be patient. Let’s see all the tips to hitchhike efficiently in Paris.

πŸ‘ Hitchhiking in Paris

It is a less conventional way to travel, but it is still possible and legal to hitchhike in France. I will give you some tips to hitchhike efficiently.

  1. Try to interact with the drivers of stopped cars (ex: at a 🚦 red light or at a place where the car is stopped for a few seconds) as it is easier to interact with the driver and show that you are trustable. It is not the best to do like the guy in the picture as the car will need to slow down pretty fast, which can be dangerous for the driver of the car and the following cars.
  1. Leave Paris to a gas station on the highway of your destination: after, in the gas station, it will be easier to interact with the drivers as they are usually stopped filling the fuel tank or drinking a coffee.
  2. To go out of Paris, you should be close to the Porte of Paris, which is the exit to go to the highways. Here are a few places to go if you want to leave Paris:
    • ⬆️ North: you can ask drivers at Porte de la Chapelle at the red light or at the gas station. However, drivers can be afraid as there are many people in illegal situations in France
    • ⬇️ South: you can go to Porte d’OrlΓ©ans at the red light or at the gas station
    • ➑️ East: you can ask to drivers at Quai de la RapΓ©e at the red light.
    • ⬅️ West: You can ask to drivers at Porte d’Auteuil at the red light. It is a rich neighbourhood, so you might have a higher probability of rejection than elsewhere.


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